Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Apartment Decorating

I'm so excited to be moving into my own apartment in a few weeks! I'll admit - I will miss living at home, and know I'll be homesick. But I know it will be great to have my own space...and my complex has a pool!

The hardest thing has been picking stuff out to decorate the apartment. Originally, I wanted to go with a boho theme in the living room, but now I think I want more of a beachy theme. So far, the living room is the only room that I have most of the stuff for. I have yet to buy stuff for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom! But at least I have a really comfy couch ;)

I'm still in the process of buying stuff and there is still a lot on my to-do list. I wanted to share my "wish-list" with you all and see what you think & what you would add. Perhaps there are things I am forgetting!

Here is an image of what I'm trying to go for in the living room:

I love blues and greens, so that's what I tried to go with. 

And here are a few things I really want!

Area Rug
I really need an area rug for the living, but also a smaller one for the bedroom. I love patterned rugs like this one...or maybe I'll look for a chevron one?

Ginger Jar
I first saw these on Mackenzie Horan's blog and loved them. They are a great decorative piece to put on a side table or shelf.

Storage Shelf
I really need some sort of small storage space. I plan on putting this behind the back of my couch, since my couch will stick out from the wall a bit. It will be a good way to disguise that and have some extra shelf safe. Luckily, I already have a big bookshelf for all my books :)

I have no kitchenware yet except for cups. My sister makes fun of me because she says I buy everything else (like wall paintings, frames, etc.) but not the necessities like things to eat out of haha. Oops.

Wall Art
This photo is from an Etsy seller. I love looking through Etsy for prints or photography. I want a few for the living room, and want to find a big, horizontal print for over the bed.

Throw Pillows

I haven't bought any pillows yet because I'm deciding on if I want to buy them or make my own. Can you tell I love blues and greens? :) Currently, some pillows at Target are buy 3 get the 4th one free, so if you're in need of some pillows, check it out!

That's all I can think of for now but I know there is still a ton I'm missing. If you think of any apartment necessities, please leave a comment below or tweet me


  1. great tips and beautiful decor! will keep this in mind when i get my own appartment!

  2. Nice themes! I really like the beach vibe. Are you living with roommates or going solo?

    1. I'm actually living with my BF of 6 years...kinda nervous but excited at the same time!

  3. Ooh, cute stuff! In college I lived in a furnished on-campus apartment that my roommate and I were too lazy to make look nice, and after college I moved into a room in an apartment that my current roommate was already living in, so she'd done all the decorating. So I've never had to decorate an apartment! It seems like so much fun, but I'm so bad at decorating my own room that I'm kind of afraid of eventually having to do it, lol.

    1. I have been waiting since college to decorate my own place lol. I mean even in college you have to live with someone else in a small space so you both get to decorate and choose things. I've so been looking forward to picking out everything that I want and how I want it!

  4. I'm looking to move into my own apt too (ASAP). Def need ideas for decorating and this helped...good idea blogging about the process

    1. Thanks! When you move out you should blog about your process - I look forward to reading it!


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