Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Playlist, yay!

How is already the end of June?! I've been waiting for the end of June since the winter (because of our vacation, lol). So many new albums and songs have been released recently and it's making me SO happy! Here's my most loved songs this June:

Have you been listening to these songs as much as I have been lately? Let me know which ones you like and visit my blog, The Earbud, for more new music and artists to listen to!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, June 20, 2014

Travel in style (and comfort) this summer

It's summatime! Most of us use this time to travel and experience new places. Patty and I are on our one week countdown for Paraguay and Brazil and we are SO excited. We have been shopping for things that we need before we leave and I decided to dedicate this post to cute & comfy airplane outfits. The flight from Newark, NJ to Asuncion, Paraguay is about a 12 hour flight (ah!) so I'm going to show you all some outfit inspirations for flights (or car rides) like mine:
LA Hearts Ethnic Crepe Beach Pants ($29.95):  I just bought a similar pair of these flowy pants from Marshalls. They feel like pajamas!

Free People Half Moon Tank ($48): A simple tank top pairs great with a crazy patterned pant like these ones.

Mango Linen Cardigan, Light Beige ($59.31): I always have to have a big comfy sweater/sweatshirt with me on the plane. It gets so cold up there!

TOMS White Crochet Women's Classic ($58.95): Any slip-on shoe is great for airports and airplanes. Especially when you're being rushed to take off your shoes to get through security. I always panic, haha. 

Longchamps La Pliage Mini Tote ($95.00): Carry on totes are a must. All of your necessities you need on hand should be in your tote because once you're separated from your suitcase all you have is your carry-on bag.

This outfit is more workout comfy inspired. 

Nike Sportswear LEGASEE Leggings ($52.56): Leggings are another go-to option to be comfy basically anywhere! Black leggings match with anything which is so convenient.

Check MEOWT Unisex Workout Tank ($24.99): I can't tell you how much I love funny graphic tees. This one I found on Etsy is absolutely adorable!

KP85 Womens Zip Hoody Grey Marl ($24.05): Like I said before, comfy sweaters/sweatshirts...are a must.

Vans Classic Slip-On Sneaker ($47.00): Slip-on sneakers are great for people who need support when walking around a lot (like Patty, lol) I can usually wear anything and be comfy but her feet start to hurt after a while.

Skullcandy Aviator 2.0 Over Ear Headphones with Mic - Black ($84.47): For me, I listen to music everywhere I go. Car rides, during workouts, etc. I know I will definitely be needing a good pair of headphones for this long ride.

If you like or would like to add anything to these outfit inspirations comment and let me know! I still have a week of last minute shopping to do ;)

Happy Travels,

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Morning Routines

I really do wish I was more of a morning person. I love sleeping in, and definitely snooze too much in the mornings. Once I'm up and out of bed I'm good to go, but it's the actual getting out of bed part that is hard.

My usual morning routine goes as follows:

  • 7:30am - first alarm. snooze for 15 minutes.
  • 7:45am - get out of bed.
  • 7:45am-8:10am - get changed, do makeup, etc.
  • 8:10-8:30am - make 2 hardboiled eggs, pack snacks and lunch for the workday.
  • 8:35am - leave for work.
I know a lot of people who like to budget time in the mornings to eat breakfast and drink coffee, but I do both of these things in my car as I'm driving to work. That's why I eat hardboiled eggs each morning!

But here's my resolution: I'd like to try waking up a bit earlier to sit and drink my coffee in peace while watching the news or reading a book. I want to read more, and the morning is a perfect time to do so. At night I'm usually finishing up some work or relaxing in bed with Netflix.

I spend most of my day in front of a computer, either doing work for my job, or doing work for my business, so it would do me some good to not be in front of a screen in the morning!

I have tried getting up earlier to work out but it just doesn't work for me. I feel like a zombie and not awake enough to do something strenuous. I have thought about doing yoga in the AM though...perhaps this is something else I will try!

What about you - what is your morning routine?
Are you a morning person?

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Monday, June 9, 2014

LSO: Little Summer Outfit

I love skirts and dresses!! But it's been a while since I've worn them (not really sure why exactly...) They're so breezy and fun so yesterday I decided to wear a new skirt I received as a gift.
 This sky blue skirt was a gift (and I never really found out where it was from) and I paired it with a patterned flower tank top crop top from Forever 21 which was probably only around 5 dollars!
It's funny because my friend asked me "Oh is that skirt from American Apparel?" Nope. "But the top is, right?" Guess again!
As you may have read in my last post about summer hairstyles, I never really do much with my hair. Here, I just clipped my hair into a half up half down hair-do. Also, I just wore simple studs from Forever 21 as well.

My sunglasses are from Rayban ("Small Aviator Metal") and I'm wearing Alex and Ani Bracelets ("M" and "Sagittarius").
Oh, here's a flower for y'all! Kind of dainty, oops.
Peace and L-O-V-E.

Hope you all have a great day! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you're a last minute shopper like I am, you probably haven't gotten your dad a gift yet. It's okay - there is still time! And I have a few ideas for you...

A watch// This is actually on my dad's wish list. He needs a new watch so he pointed out a Seiko watch that he wants. This Seiko watch is only $140 from Macy's. If you are combining a gift with a sibling, you could get this Movado watch which is a bit more casual as well.

A phone case// Who doesn't need a phone case? Sometimes you just want an extra just in case, or if you're like my sister, you switch your phone cases every other day. My dad's case has gotten a lot of wear and tear, so one year we got him an Otterbox for his iPhone. I love how durable and long lasting Otterboxes are...and once it breaks or wears you can get a free case from them when you send in your old one!

Boat shoes// My brother and dad wear boat shoes all the time in the winter. You might only think of Sperry's when you think of boat shoes, but there are so many out there in different price you are bound to find something that works for your wallet. These Sperry's are $85, but if you're looking for something a bit more inexpensive, check out these canvas boat shoes from American Eagle which are $29.95.

Running shoes// If your dad is active, then he will love sneakers! If I got sneakers for every holiday, I'd be a happy girl. Also, sometimes people don't like to splurge on themselves, and sneakers can be pricey, so it's a perfect gift. If he has a favorite brand, stick to those. If he's never bought running sneakers before, get a gift card so he can go to a specialty running store and get fitted for sneakers that are perfect for his feet and running style. I did this last year and my dad loved the shoes I got him. He's ran in the Asics Gel Cumulus ever since!

Sports tickets// If you and your dad love sports, take him to a ball game! What better way to spend time with him on Father's day than out at a ballpark. If he's not a fan of baseball, then get him tickets to another sport or an IOU for tickets to a winter sporting event, if that's his thing.

Have you bought your dad a gift for Father's day yet?
What would you add to this list?

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