Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Malt House NYC Review

I visited The Malt House for my friend's birthday brunch, and figured I'd write a review about it! Brunch is a bit deal in New York City, but being that I live in New Jersey, I have actually never been to a NYC brunch. Brunch in NJ = going to a diner for some delicious food!

I was excited to try out a New York style brunch, but honestly was a bit disappointed. I was feeling kind of nauseous that morning (being out in NYC until 4 am will do that to you), and really wanted some good food to make me feel better. I ordered the three cheese Mac n' Cheese and was excited for it, but it turned out to be a bit bland. Perhaps other options on the menu would be better, though my friend wasn't happy with her selection either (I think it was the chicken and waffle sandwich?).

However, there is a pretty good deal of adding $12 to your bill and getting unlimited drinks. I skipped on that since I wasn't feeling well, but the rest of the group took advantage. They had an assortment of cocktails you could choose from. My friend said the drinks weren't that strong though, so it depends on what kind of brunch you're looking for ;)

What: A "gastropub" in the West Village
Where: 206 Thompson Street, New York NY
Overall Grade: C+

Do you have any suggestions for brunch spots in NYC?


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