Monday, August 18, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Sale!

So I only found out about the Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale yesterday, and I knew I had to go on there this morning.

I've been wanting a Lilly dress for a while now and this is my chance! So lo and behold, "my first Lilly," which is now sold out :(

I really, really loved this dress too but they no longer have it in my size.

And lastly, I'm debating on this one too. It's a cotton material, so I'm not sure what it would look like on me. Has anyone gotten a Lilly cotton dress? Thoughts?

I'm going to head to the store after work and see if I can buy anything in person, and try some stuff on because I have no clue of the fit. I mean I'm already ordering online, so if I find out I got the wrong size I'll be mad but...I want to know if I ordered the right size :)

I found a few dresses that were available and then once I clicked "Add to shopping cart" they were already sold out! It's possible the ones above have sold out since I wrote this.

Has anyone else been shopping the Lilly site today? What did you buy?


  1. I hopped on the sale this morning at 8:02 and added two dresses to my cart but I knew I would have no where to wear them to (at least, I don't think so!) and they were still pricey! Kind of regretting not ordering them now, but oh well! There will be more sales to come :)
    xoxo, Jamie

  2. I hopped on the sale this morning, and I only liked a few things but they were all sold out in my size. :( I do like the Daylin dress, especially the color, but I've never owned a dress in that material. My Lilly scarves are that material, and I like them, but they're a bit thin. Hopefully you find your dress!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe


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