Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Job Search

Using social media is great for personal communication, staying in touch with people, sharing photos, etc. But it can also really benefit you when it comes to your job search.

As a social media marketing consultant, I know how important social media is when it comes to branding. And that is how you should think of yourself and your social media profiles. It is your brand. It is how companies will probably get their first impression of you.

That can sound daunting, but you can use social media to your advantage and utilize it to find the perfect opportunities for yourself, whether it's an internship or a full-time position. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Use Twitter for networking// Follow your favorite brands and companies on Twitter so you're always on top of their news and updates. But don't wait until they post a job listing to start tweeting them. Regularly tweet at the company account and even some people within the company. Let's say the marketing director is someone who will probably be the one looking at resumes...follow him/her and tweet at them. Engage in conversations. It will certainly make you memorable.

Tweet relevant news updates// Sure you can use Twitter to post your daily meals and updates on your love life, but you could also use it to be building your personal brand. What is your brand? Well, think of it this way. What traits describe you? What are your favorite news websites? If you love Buzzfeed, RT or tweet links that you find funny. If you like the NYTimes, RT or tweet about their news stories and add your own short commentary. These tweets will make you seem well-rounded and like you use social media to stay on top of the news, rather than just posting about yourself.

Clean up your Facebook// Even if your profile is "private," nothing is truly private anymore. Is it really necessary to have that album with the picture of you doing a keg stand? Probably not. Delete inappropriate photos and use Facebook as a place to share current events as well, like Twitter.

Get off "private."// Yes, we all want our privacy, but social media is SOCIAL. Forget about being private. Like I said above, nothing is private anymore. And in this day and age, companies will be searching for your profiles. They want to see a digital footprint. If they Google your name, and absolutely nothing comes up, that isn't a good thing. You can still use social media for personal use, but just don't post things you wouldn't want your parents to see. If you plan on applying to jobs relating to marketing, social media marketing, communications, etc. they will definitely want to see you social media profiles, and will ask for links...so be prepared!

Start a professional blog// Do you want to get into marketing? Fashion? Photography? Start a professional blog for your field and use it as a place to talk about trending topics relating to that niche. Also use it as a portfolio to showcase your talents and projects.

Check out my personal Twitter for an example of how I use it as a blogger but also for personal use. I have nothing to hide, tweet about current events, and share relevant links from other professionals and bloggers. If you went to my Twitter account, you'd instantly know my "brand." You'd know I'm passionate about health, fitness, and social media.

Want advice on this topic or want someone to look over your Twitter or other account to give you a critique? Leave a comment!

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