Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ten Favorite Things: Traveling

I got this idea from Erica of Coming Up Roses, and wanted to participate in this link-up from Brianna of Endlessly Beloved. Michelle and I love traveling, so I figured this would be a fun little survey to do (and our first link-up)!

Us on our way to Paraguay in 2010. We'll be back there in July!

The excitement of take-off and landing// While I (Patty) personally hate take-off and landing, I do like the excitement that comes with it. That feeling of knowing you're on your way to another country, and leaving for vacation. And the feeling that comes with landing, as you decent into the airport, and the pilot gives you the local time and weather...you're finally there!

The hustle and bustle of the airport// Do you ever wonder where all those people are going? What their story is? I love people watching at the airport and it's cool to think we are all there for the same reasons...to travel, visit people we love, explore new places...

Visit the local zoo or museum// If you're going to another country, you should definitely check out their zoo! Or stop by a local botanical garden or museum. Immerse yourself in their culture and learn as much as you can while you're there. Sure, you can read about it, but nothing compares to actually seeing it up close and personal.

Both pictures are from Iguazu Falls in Brazil.

New places to shop// My sister and I are excited for our upcoming trip to Paraguay and Brazil because we can't wait to shop! Whether it's for clothes or souvenirs, you have to check out the local shops and malls to see what you find. I love bringing back unique items for friends and family.

Typical touristy stuff// Sure the locals hate it, but finding the top touristy things to do is always my favorite. I mean, why not?? Make a checklist before you travel of the places you have to go to and try to go to as many as you can!

Me and my BF at the Golden Gate Bridge
New modes of transportation// When we travel to Paraguay, we know we will be taking the local buses a lot. That's their main way of transportation. If you're going to NYC, you know you'll take the subway. While it can be an uncomfortable new experience, it's a way to see how the locals live in the city you're in.

Trying new things// The last time my family went to Paraguay, I tried ziplining. I was really scared at first (I don't like heights) but it ended up being a lot of fun, and a memorable experience we'll never forget. Conquer your fears and just do it!

Or try something low-key, like paddle boating :) This was in the Baltimore Inner Harbor

Trying new food and drink// I'm a bit wary of trying new foods, but if you're somewhere where they are "known for something" you gotta try it! Recently, we went to Maryland so I obviously had to get some crab cakes! I also love trying new beers in each state or country I go to :)

New weather// It was really cool to go to San Francisco and experience the famous "fog." It's also cool to go to Paraguay in the winter time, and have it be over 100 degrees there because it's summer in the southern hemisphere. Just research what the weather will be ahead of time so you are ready for it!

Exploring state parks and trails// Wildlife and nature is totally different in different areas of the country (or other countries)...duh...so get outside! Go to a state park and go for a hike. I went to a park in Northern California along the Pacific Coast Highway and watched the sunset. Amazing.

What are your top ten favorite things about traveling? Write it up and post it in Brianna's link-up. Also leave it in the comments so I can read as well! :)

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  1. YES to all of this! The experience of all of the new things you encounter while traveling is so exciting isn't it?! Thanks for linking up girl :)


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